Experience has shown us the longer a person stays in office, the deeper they sink into bureaucracy and become disinterested in the everyday concerns of the citizens whom they are elected to serve. Their interests turn instead to special interest groups that fund their campaigns. Once a member of Congress has demonstrated they are reliable to special interests, the financial contributions come pretty much automatically. Such contributions are a good investment for lobbyists and over 80% of incumbents are regularly re-elected.

Term limits will remove the corruptive special interest influence on incumbents and encourage new faces and fresh ideas. We need to return to electing citizen legislators who can better relate to the concerns of their constituents and bring real-world experience to Congress.

RLCFL Legislative Goals

Eight years is enough! We oppose increasing the current 8-yeat term limit on the Floria Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet. We support eight-year term limits for every office at every level of government.